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Interpretation of Welding Plans


In person




20 hours

Course objectives

Master both the symbology and the nomenclature used in the welding plans of metallic structures, interpreting and identifying processes, regulations and more basic representations.

Specific goals:

  • Define the welding representation systems in the plans. EN ISO 2553 and American code.
  • Dimensional representation and tolerances.
  • Interpret the representation systems and be able to define the welds to be made based on the plans.
  • Draw types of welding on plans.


  • Module 1: symbology.
  • Module 1: symbology.
    • 2.1. Standard joins-en 2553
    • 2.2.American code
  • Module 3: graphic representation in the processes.

Requirements and specifications

It is oriented to Welders of Mechanical Structures.

Interpretation of Welding Plans

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