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Formavigo Foundation

Supporting needs

The Formavigo Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which was created as a tool to develop initiatives in cooperation with the Public Administration and Private Enterprise, to support the needs of job seekers with special difficulties in finding employment.

Its main activity is training, with the aim of achieving the labour insertion and relocation of unemployed people, especially young people without qualifications, the long-term unemployed, immigrants, women…

Its programmes are aimed at a plural group of unemployed people with whom specific training actions are developed in different trades, motivation, counselling, transversal training, training for integration and equality, labour market prospecting, transfer of offers, job monitoring and accompaniment in the selection process.

The Formavigo Foundation weaves networks and carries out social projects that can contribute to a stronger, more cohesive and supportive society with special interest in the quality of life of our elders and our youth.

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