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Real stories of students who have trusted and grown with us

Proud professionals

estrellavacia estrellacolor

Tamara García

Welding Workshop

I was tired of the hotel business and I wanted to do something that I liked, and at the same time I knew that there was work.

He got tired of the hotel business and found his sector in Formavigo. He finished the course on a Tuesday and ended the week working. Tamara knows that a good welder has to have many hours of practice in the workshop and she has only found that here.

estrellavacia estrellacolor

Tania Barros

Welding Workshop

I believe that if you set your mind to it, you can do it, go ahead and don’t let anyone stop you. We can do anything.

Her partner opened the doors to our sector and Tania left the hotel business and went straight into it without knowing anything about welding. Today she is an expert and wants to encourage all women, because she knows that if you put your mind to it, with effort and dedication you can achieve anything.

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