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healthy company


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3 hours

At present, the workplace is a vital space in the development and fulfillment of people. The idea of ​​generating organizations where concepts such as “empowerment” or “engagement” of the employee or collaborator are the key to success is increasingly shared. Its relationships with direct indicators or moderators of productivity is already absolutely evident.
In the organizations of the 21st century, this is the great challenge: to achieve the perfect combination between organizations that empower, with committed collaborators, towards the achievement of goals, preserving the labor well-being of its members and the overall health of the organization, because only in this way can the company will be sustainable. This is, then, the key to continuous motivation, satisfaction, well-being and productivity: Promote policies and actions that build healthy organizations.

In this course, we will discuss:

  • Introduction to labor well-being and healthy organizations. The dimensions of labor well-being.
  • Psychosocial risks and healthy factors at work.- Intensification of work (Work Overload)

– Employment instability (Job Insecurity)

– Occupational violence (Mobbing, Sexual Harassment, Third Party Violence)

– Role dysfunctions and contractual precariousness.

  • Indicators and cost for the company of the lack of organizational health. Healthy Organizations.
  • Healthy Organizations. Process for implementation of healthy environments. Work environment and 360º feedback as indicators for improving work environments.

healthy company

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