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Comprehensive Management System


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It is Aimed at Professionals who carry out tasks of Environmental Management, Measurement of Efficiency and Indicators of the Integral Management System (ISO 14001 – ISO 45.001). Middle and Senior Management.

Training Areas:

  1. Diagnosis or Initial Review: Gap Analysis and Regulatory Compliance.
  2. Environmental legislation.
  3. Environmental management system. ISO 14001.
  4. SGA audits (ISO 19011).
  5. Identification of Criteria and Choice of Environmental Management Indicators (ISO 14031).
  6. Talks on Integrated Management Systems Models: Quality, Environment, Safety and Hygiene.
  7. Training of Internal Environmental Auditors
  8. Guidance in the Preparation of Manual and Environmental Documentation.

Course subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation.

Comprehensive Management System

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