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Work at height


In person




4/8 hours

The objective of the course is to reinforce and consolidate training in safety and prevention in rope access works and the use of lifelines for workers.

The course content presents the following programme:

Theoretical part
– Introduction. Fields of application.
– Basic safety standards. Risks and risk factors.
– Vertical protection of the work area.
– Installation techniques. knots.
– Individual protective equipment.
– Collective protection equipment Life lines.
– Operational techniques. Access techniques, vertical progression, ascent and descent on the rope.
– Hoist techniques and polybrakes.

– Evacuation techniques.

Practical part
– Use of personal protective equipment.
– Installation and use of lifelines.
– Steps through obstacles in ascent and descent.
– Self-elevation practices. Insurance from one worker to another.
– Rescue in ascent and descent positions.
– Application of hoist and polybrake techniques.

Requirements and specifications

It is oriented to operators.

It has a duration of 4 or 8 hours.

Price: Ask for a quote.

Work at height

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