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The Dynamics of the Ego. The Power of Transformation


In person




6 hours

The course is designed to allow you to have a first authentic and deep contact with the dynamics of emotional awareness and how our EGO system works. When we understand how we perceive and build our idea of ​​reality, we can analyze the strategies through which the Ego tries to keep you from change and save energy.

When you are able to recognize external conflicts as a pure reflection of internal emotional knots, you will have the key to unlock those knots and live a more open, serene and peaceful life. You will learn to integrate the function of anger in the definition of what we define our reality and we will teach you self-checking and emotional self-care techniques that allow you to deactivate the Ego’s security systems.

Beyond the techniques, you will be able to get in tune with others, with your colleagues, superiors, workers through active and deep listening.

The Dynamics of the Ego. The Power of Transformation

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