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In person




20 hours

The objective of the bridge crane course is to consolidate good practices on compliance with Occupational Risk prevention measures and work procedures in the handling of the Bridge Crane.

The course content presents the following programme:

  • Introduction.
  • Bridge crane: types and components.
  • Conditions and operator training.
  • Risks and preventive measures in the management of the Bridge Crane.
  • Basic rules in safe driving.
  • Auxiliary elements: slings, hooks, chains, frogs, claws…>
  • Safety inspections.
  • EPI’s (according to NTPs 253, 736, 737 and 738 of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (INSHT) and RD 1215/97 of July 18, which establishes the minimum safety and health provisions for the use by workers of work equipment)

Requirements and specifications

  • Training for companies.
  • It has a duration of 20 hours.
  • Price: Ask for a quote.

– Bibliography and websites of interest.

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